Kawasaki aiming to bring
happiness and joy to all

Through efforts aimed at bettering the environment including decarbonization and others, we will deliver products to meet both customers’ and society’s needs, and in doing so further strengthen the Kawasaki brand as we take on the challenge of expanding our possibilities.

Carbon Neutrality

Our goal is to make use of the combined technology of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group and our partners to achieve carbon neutrality. In reaching this goal, battery EVs are not the only available solution, as we can also incorporate hydrogen-based e-fuels and biofuels into technology we have developed for highly efficient engines and motors as another way of becoming more carbon neutral.
By 2025, we will introduce more than 10 electric (battery EV and hybrid EV) motorcycles and five electric (battery EV and hybrid EV) four-wheeled vehicles. In 2023, we announced Kawasaki's first electric motorcycles, the Ninja e-1 and Z e-1, and the world's first* strong hybrid motorcycles, the Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid.

*World's first mass-produced strong hybrid motorcycle from a major manufacturer (excluding scooters), according to Kawasaki research as of October 6, 2023.

Near-Future Mobility

As a member of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group, Kawasaki Motors will combine the CASE (Connect, Automated Driving, Share & Service, EV) technologies we have developed with various advanced Group technologies, then infuse these new modes of mobility and transport with the Kawasaki philosophy, Let the Good Times Roll, to deliver Near-Future Mobility to everyone.
One of these projects, the three-wheeled electric vehicle noslisu, has already been used in people’s daily lives to provide an easy, comfortable, and exciting mobility experience. Moreover, to solve the labour shortages and improve the working environment in developed countries, including Japan, we are also developing electric four-wheeled vehicles for unmanned, autonomous in-plant deliveries and helicopters for unmanned goods delivery.

A Safe and Secure Remotely Connected Society

We have already started taking on new challenges in the current “new normal” era that has unfolded since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has threatened people's lives and livelihoods and brought with it a decrease in human mobility, while ever-more-frequent natural disasters have made it clear that bringing about a safe, secure and remotely connected society is paramount. Kawasaki Motors, as part of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group, will work to achieve this by offering a variety of disaster response products, including off-road four-wheelers and motorcycles capable of prompt relief in disasters where rapid response is required, as we do our part to help realize a safe, secure and remotely connected society.