Regarding Inquiries via the Internet

Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we") accepts inquiries from customers through this Web site. Inquiries are used as references for developing better products and providing better services in the future.

Please confirm the following items before making inquiries in regards to the handling of customers' personal information.

Handling of customers' personal information

We handle the "customer's personal information section" completed by customers according to the following guidelines:

[Purpose for utilization of customers' personal information]
We administer customers' personal information provided by customers in a responsible manner, and do not use the information for any purpose other than customer replies and correspondence without the customers' agreement.

[Provision of customers' personal information to third parties]
We may provide customers' personal information completed by customers to our distributor and / or dealer if it is necessary for the above-mentioned utilization purpose.

Privacy Policy

If you agree with the above guidelines, click the next button to proceed to the inquiries form.