From Possibilities to Breakthroughs


RIDEOLOGY. An expression of three core principles — 1) Our bikes should possess both Power and Gentleness, 2) Our bikes should be fun and rewarding to control, 3) Pursue all possibilities — our rider-centric development philosophy is the driving force behind every Kawasaki model.
Great ideas still need to be tested — and there is no fiercer testing ground than the competition of racing. That is the reason why production-based races like the Superbike World Championship and AMA Supercross/Motocross Championship are the battlefields we choose. Kawasaki races to win — total victory is the mission of every single member involved in our racing projects.
Kawasaki race machines continue to deliver winning results because they provide riders with extreme power while being easy to manage. And as the lessons learned from race victory are applied to production models, they lead to development breakthroughs and in turn build the foundation for future victory.
To bring riders exciting models that offer Power and Gentleness, Kawasaki pursues all possibilities. Offerings are polished through the cycle of victory, helping to achieve the high standards set by our philosophy.


Lime Green – From Colour of Defiance to Symbol of Challenge


The notorious colour first made its appearance in the late 60s, when every one of Kawasaki’s two-stroke racers at the famous Daytona 200 were cloaked in Lime Green. Considered unlucky, green was a colour that everyone avoided, so no doubt the onlookers were thinking, “There is absolutely no way Kawasaki can possibly win with that colour!”
That opinion soon changed when Kawasaki not only started winning, but kept on winning. Once ridiculed, Kawasaki’s “Green Meanies” began to inspire fear and awe in their rivals. By deliberately choosing to embrace Lime Green, Kawasaki announced to the world that conventional thinking would not be a barrier in the pursuit of new challenges.
As successes in racing continued to accumulate, Lime Green was transformed into a symbol of Kawasaki’s challenging spirit. Kawasaki adopted it as their official colour and now Lime Green can be found on a wide range of production models.


Kawasaki’s racing history started with a motocross race in 1961.
More than half a century has passed since then, and Kawasaki has amassed countless victories in both road racing and off-road racing.
As we continue to pursue all possibilities, Kawasaki’s indomitable racing spirit burns brightly.