About the Superbike World Championship

The Superbike World Championship, a series recognised by the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation), is the pinnacle of production-based road racing. Centred in Europe, the series travels around the globe, with 12 rounds planned for the 2024 season. Each round features 3 races*; the rider who accumulates the most points over the year becomes world champion. To be eligible to compete, machines must be production models that meet FIM homologation requirements and be powered by 4-stroke 3- or 4-cylinder engines displacing 750-1000cc, or 2-cylinder engines displacing 850-1200cc. Because race machine modifications are limited, race performance is seen as a reflection of the performance of production model counterparts, contributing to the popularity of this series.
This season, the Kawasaki Racing Team will be headed up by Alex Lowes, now in his fifth year with the team. Lowes is joined by Axel Bassani, last year’s highest ranking non-factory rider. The veteran/young-gun duo will be aiming to secure the WSKB crown for the first time in four years.

* Race 1 and Race 2 are held on Saturday and Sunday afternoon respectively, with points awarded to the top 15 finishers. A sprint race held Sunday morning offers additional points for the top 9 finishers and determines the top 9 starting positions for Race 2.


Kawasaki Racing Team

  • Alex Lowes
    Alex Lowes
    Date of Birth|14 Sep 1990
    Career Highlights
    202311thSuperbike World Championship
    20226thSuperbike World Championship
    20218thSuperbike World Championship
    20206thSuperbike World Championship
    20193thSuperbike World Championship
    20186thSuperbike World Championship
    20175thSuperbike World Championship
    201612thSuperbike World Championship
    201510thSuperbike World Championship
    201411thSuperbike World Championship
    20131stBritish Superbike Championship
    20124thBritish Superbike Championship
  • Axel Bassani
    Axel Bassani
    Date of Birth|24 Jul 1999
    Career Highlights
    20236thSuperbike World Championship
    20227thSuperbike World Championship
    20219thSuperbike World Championship
    202017thSupersport World Championship
    201819thEuropean Superstock 1000 Championship
    201727thSupersport World Championship
    201612thSupersport World Championship
    201515thEuropean Superstock 600 Championship


Ninja ZX-10RR

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With racing regulations becoming stricter every year, production model base performance becomes an increasingly important factor. For the Superbike World Championship, the Kawasaki Racing Team is fielding factory-prepped Ninja ZX-10RR machines. Even as a model in Kawasaki’s flagship supersport Ninja ZX-10R Series, the Ninja ZX-10RR stands out, having been developed with circuit performance and World Superbike victory in mind. Lightweight pistons, titanium connecting rods, fine-tuned suspension settings, and forged Marchesini wheels further elevate the standard model’s engine performance and handling, while a VAI (Variable Air Intake) system* delivers increase mid-range power and a more linear torque curve on the 2024 model. In compliance with the latest racing regulations, meticulous factory tuning sharpens the stock Ninja ZX-10RR into a championship-winning track weapon.
※ Designed for circuit use, the VAI system does not function when the bike has not been fitted with a race-kit ECU and sub-controller.