About the World Motocross Championship

The World Motocross Championship, recognised by the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation), is the pinnacle of motocross racing. Based primarily in Europe, the series travels around the globe with rounds also held in South America and Asia. The 2024 season consists of 20 rounds, with each round featuring two races held on outdoor dirt courses featuring naturally undulating terrain and man-made technical sections. The two classes are MXGP (4-stroke 450cc machines, or 2-stroke 250cc machines) and MX2 (4-stroke 250cc machines, or 2-stroke 125cc machines), each contested by specially prepared motocross racers.
Former world champion Romain Febvre is in his fifth year riding for the Kawasaki Racing Team MXGP. This year he is joined by Jeremy Seewer, who has been runner-up three times in the six years since he stepped up to the MXGP class. The powerful duo have their sights set on MXGP glory.


Kawasaki Racing Team MXGP

  • JRomain Febvre
    Romain Febvre
    Date of Birth|31 Dec 1991
    Career Highlights
    20232ndMotocross World Championship MXGP
    202214thMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20212ndMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20204thMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20199thMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20186thMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20176thMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20164thMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20151stMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20143rdMotocross World Championship MX2
    201312thMotocross World Championship MX2
    201213thMotocross World Championship MX2
  • Jeremy Seewer
    Jeremy Seewer
    Date of Birth|18 Jul 1994
    Career Highlights
    20233rdMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20222ndMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20214thMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20202ndMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20192ndMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20188thMotocross World Championship MXGP
    20172ndMotocross World Championship MX2
    20162ndMotocross World Championship MX2
    20155thMotocross World Championship MX2
    201410thMotocross World Championship MX2


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To compete in the fierce battles that unfold on the broad, dynamic courses in the Motocross World Championship, the Kawasaki Racing Team MXGP fields KX450-SR factory race machines.
Designed to put expert riders on the top step of the podium, the KX450 base model has always featured the latest in advanced technology. Featuring finger-follower valve actuation, the highly tuned liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve engine is mounted in a highly rigid aluminium frame that ensures superb control when riding at high speed. Complementing advanced electronics that now include Power Mode selection, KTRC (Kawasaki TRaction Control) and an updated Launch Control Mode, Brembo front brake caliper and front master cylinder, adjustable handle and footpeg position, a hydraulic clutch and electric start are some of the features designed to help Kawasaki riders fight at the front of the pack. In addition to factory tuning, the KX450-SR is equipped with numerous pre-release parts and technology being evaluated for their competitive potential. Advantageous items are then incorporated into the production model.